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Living Well in Lowry is a locally-owned, monthly newsletter that is hand-delivered to 3,000+ homes in the Lowry neighborhood. Our general boundaries include Quebec Street,11th Avenue, Dayton/Yosemite (East Park) & Alameda, plus Boulevard One.

Clean Neighborhood

Why Advertise in Lowry

Advertising your business, product or service in the Lowry community gives you direct access to some of your easiest customers - the ones who live in your own backyard, or those a stone's throw from your storefront. Get in front of your target audience at an affordable price with Living Well in Lowry!


Lowry is full of opportunity - by reaching out to 80230, one single zip code, you're reaching a high concentration of...

  • Homeowners

  • Educated Professionals

  • Seniors & Singles

  • Married Couples

  • 30-somethings With Children

  • Kids ages 0-18+ who live at home
    *more demographic info here



Where else can you land directly into the hands of 3,000 + homes (over 7,000+ people) at these prices? Whether you choose traditional advertising (*starting at $150/month), or we help you disseminate your printed marketing materials (i.e., fliers, coupons, brochures) - your marketing dollars are best invested with us.


It Works

Living Well in Lowry has been the community newsletter for almost 20 years! In fact, we were here before smartphones and social media. Living Well in Lowry has stood the test of time and we're proud of it. We have the testimonials to prove that it works.

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Previous Issues

Stones of Meaning

Ever write a letter to a New Year?

January 2021

Dear 2021,
Welcome, 2021! We’re so happy to have you and you’ve come at just the right time. We’ve been waiting for you since pretty much the beginning of last year. That last one, 2020, really lit things up, caused a lot of heartache and plenty of turmoil, but we don’t want to talk about 2020 anymore. Let’s talk about YOU, 2021.

2020: Silver Linings

December 2020

A year ago, January 1st, 2020 held promise. It had a cool ring to it, 20-20, a fresh start, a new decade. Do you remember being a kid when 2020 seemed so far away? Back then we thought life would look more like The Jetsons than Contagion, but alas,
it’s finally coming to an end.

Cleaning the Counter

When the going gets tough, Simplified Living gets going...

October 2020

When she saw an opportunity to support
her community and provide help to those in need, Eviann (Eva) Vigil, owner of Simplified Living Home Services, took action. Back in 2015, Simplified Living partnered with Cleaning for a Reason, an organization dedicated to providing home cleaning services to cancer patients.

Do you know your neighbors?

September 2020

What an inconvenience…I think we can all agree on that sentiment regarding COVID. This pandemic disrupted our routines, vacations, businesses, schools, gatherings, and wreaked havoc on our mental health and that of our children. Most importantly, we cannot forget the lives lost and the suffering associated with this pandemic. A common theme heard throughout this unsettling time is we are all in this storm together, but in many different boats.


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